Women, Wine, and The Wildebeest

EXPERIENCE a real AFRICAN SAFARI in Sonoma, CA while taking your BUSINESS on the ADVENTURE of a LIFETIME.  In the heart of Sonoma Wine Country, lies the spirit of Africa. The Entrepreneurial Voice has captured this spirit and created a Business Retreat for the Entrepreneur (or one at heart) to not only find their Entrepreneurial Voice, but to ROAR! 

May 2 - 4, 2014


 About Jan McCarthy

As the founder of the Entrepreneurial Voice, Market Director and Owner of Ladies Who Launch (Los Angeles and Orange Counties), and a CRAVE Los Angeles partner, Jan McCarthy has established herself as a trusted advisor for entrepreneurs in all stages of development.  These three roles are only the tip of the iceberg for Jan, however, as her prowess in the business world extends to her work as a professor, television host, radio personality, author, blogger, and featured speaker.  Her passion is to support and empower entrepreneurs, by providing resources, community and inspiration.

Jan draws upon a family heritage of entrepreneurs and inventors, including a great-great grandmother who held the distinction of being the first woman doctor in the state of Georgia and valedictorian of her medical graduating class of all men.  Inspired by the fearlessness of her genealogy, Jan set foot on an entrepreneurial path at an early age.  While still in her teens, she began building a career in real estate.  She earned a marketing degree from the University of Colorado, and added to her business acumen through management positions in the corporate world and by developing several start-ups of her own.

Through her most recent venture, the Entrepreneurial Voice, Jan is able to give the entrepreneur tools and confidence to find their voice, master their entrepreneurial spirit and make their vision become a successful reality. Using an innovative approach and creative style, she helps the small business owner with the development, launch and growth of their company through workshops, classes, seminars, coaching and consulting.  

Jan is also married to an entrepreneur, and is a mother to two grown entrepreneurial daughters. She enjoys travel, reading, painting, writing, developing new projects, dining out, planning social activities for her building, volunteering, and spending time with her family and friends.  Jan embraces a dual lifestyle, splitting her time between her loft in downtown L.A. and her ranch in Boulder, Colorado.